An estimated 1200 children ranging from the age of 0 to 18 lives on the Yishuv. From the age of 10 all the children join Bnei Akiva Youth Movement. We have no building for the youth movement, they do a lot of their activities outside, because the very rundown caravans designated to BA are not suitable for that purpose.

Youth, from the age of 15 are organized and have social activities led by young adults. The youth meet at two centers, one for boys and one for girls. Both centers are in temporary buildings. We have reached the planning stage for a big building that will include two permanent BA houses (Boys and Girls), and one youth centers. The estimate building cost for this project is 2,500,000 Shekels. (about 690,000$).

Revava is a community located just 5 minutes from Ariel, the capital of the Shomron. Over 1,200 children live in Revava yet, at the present time, there is no building for the youth. All programs and activities – including the Bnei Akiva clubs – are held in rundown caravans that should have been discarded long ago.

This project is one that will build a major youth center for both boys and girls. All cultural activities, educational seminars, recreational clubs and youth programming (up to the age of 18) will be held in this new center.

The estimated building cost for this project is 2,500,000 Shekels (about $660,000).