Frequently asked questions

What's the purpose of this site?

To be the source for all new building projects in Israel. Our goal is to inform and update people about the latest developments in Israel regarding the amazing building that is taking place. We must state, however, that this site does not get involved in private or commercial building projects. We might inform the public as to what is being built but the only projects that we get involved in are those run by non-profit organizations. We hope this site will inspire people in Israel to tell us about their projects and motivate those outside Israel to help them become realities!

What's the best way for me to help?

If you live in Israel, please tell us about your project. What are you looking to build? What is your total budget and how much of that has already been raised? Have your plans been approved? What is your target date? Then, send us pictures of what you want to build and any material you have. Explain the significance of your project and why it is important.

If you live outside Israel, please tell us what dreams you like to bring to fruition. Do you want to help build a hospital, a center for teens-at-risk, a basketball court, a soup kitchen, a Holocaust memorial, a school or Yeshiva, a camp for kids with disabilities, a winery, a home for stray animals, a center for recovering drug addicts, anything… By the way, the list you just read is real. These are very serious projects that we hope to add to our site in the coming months. Please let us know which ones you want to help.

Are all donations tax-deductible?

All donations made on these sites are 100% tax-deductible in the USA. These projects are part of the IRS approved organization named “Am Yisrael Chai Foundation” which was founded in 2001. The IRS number is: 11-3618003.