• Build Up Israel

Consider these interesting numbers

15 – Number of buildings in Israel that have 40 or more floors… plus another 7 that are being built right now!

68 – Number of floors in the tallest building in Israel –“City Gate” in Ramat Gan (Diamond Exchange)

14.6 – Number of miles of new train track being laid between Acco and Karmiel in northern Israel. Construction began last year and when this part is finished, construction will begin to connect Acco to Kiryat Shmona!

42 – Since we are talking about the train in Israel, 42 is the number of train stations in Israel. That number is expected to double in the next 10 years!

115 – You thought 42 train stations was a lot for a small country? That’s nothing when you think about how many shopping malls there are in Israel… 115!! The Hebrew word for “shopping mall” is “KANYON” which is a combination of two Hebrew words: “Kana” (to buy) and “Henyon” (parking lot) so Kana + Henyon = Kanyon!! (Bet, you never knew that!!)

37 – Numbers of years it took from the time the Mamilla Mall in Jerusalem was initially proposed (1970) to the time it was completed (2007). Some interesting history about this area: On Dec 2, 1947, in response to the UN partition plan (which was 3 days earlier), Arab mobs stormed Mamilla St and burned over 40 Jewish stores. During the 1948 War of Independence this area was hit with heavy bombs and almost totally destroyed. From 1948-1952 it was considered “no man’s land” until an international deal was reached giving Israel full control. In 1952 poor Sefardic immigrant families moved into the broken, dilapidated buildings and actually took up residence there for many years. It 1970 it was decided to rebuild this area with luxury apartments, hotels and shops. It took a long time but the job was done!

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