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Thanks for making our Pesach fund a success!

Baruch Hashem, we raised and distributed $71,207. As promised, every dollar was given to needy families in Israel to help with their Pesach needs. Nothing was deducted; no expenses, no rent, no salaries, no marketing costs… nothing! Every dollar was given to families across Israel. I can’t even begin to describe the happiness we brought to so many people and it’s all thanks to the wonderful supporters, donors and friends of Am Yisrael Chai. We certainly fulfilled what is stated at the beginning of the Seder; “Let those who are hungry come and eat”. Thanks, again!

Build Up Israel gets going again!

The Build Up Israel (BUI) project of Am Yisrael Chai has helped many dreams become realities. BUI contributed funds to build a mikveh in Aish Kodesh, a kindergarten in Otniel, a vocational training center for Nahal Haredi soldiers, a youth center in Revava and a medical and rehabilitation center in Sderot. At this time, new projects are being explored such as a “teen at-risk” center in the Jordan Valley, a beautiful new synagogue in Leshem, a visitor’s center in the Golan Heights and more. We will keep you posted about all the exciting developments with Build Up Israel and how you can help. Stay tuned.

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