Eish Kodesh

Eish Kodesh is a vibrant, young community located in the biblical Shilo valley, in the tribal portion of Benjamin. The population of Eish Kodesh is currently at 30 families, with over 100 children! Plans are in place that will enable Eish Kodesh to grow to 120 families.

The Eish Kodesh community life is a shining example of Jewish unity. A walk through the village reveals the community’s unique tapestry of Jewish unity: the population includes Jews of all backgrounds, religious and secular, native born Israelis and new immigrants, Sfardi, Ashkenazi, IDF career officers, computer technicians and farmers. As a matter of principle and pride, the community’s homes are all built exclusively by Jewish labor, and the magnificent stone Synagogue that overlooks the settlement from a central hill was constructed as a joint effort by all the residents of Eish Kodesh…brick by brick.

The future of Eish Kodesh is bright and shines with ‘holy fire’ (literal translation of the words: “Eish Kodesh”) – and we look forward to building this Mikveh, which will be used DAILY by the residents of the community.

Actual architectural plans